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We are happy to announce the list of participants of this year’s Bayou City Clay Crawl and our host studios. The Clay Crawl is free and open to the public. Please read the Safety Guidelines page for the Bayou City Clay Crawl 2021. Click to see a map of the studios and a list of studios and artists below (links to pictures of their work).

Empty Bowls will have a table at Nosami Studio

Check out the schedule of Live Demos below.

Live Demos:

  Noon @ Third Coast Clay  

Come by Third Coast Clay and learn how to make a textured, darted, Frustum Jar with a lid. Allyn Martinez will demo how to create a darted jar with a lid using linoleum cut stamps, slabs, and hand building. 

  1:30pm @ Nosami Studio  

Come by Nosami studio where Anne Steacy and María Raquel Morales have been playing with the idea of building a small chiminea for an outdoor hangout. María Raquel will be building one with coils and carving. Anne will be showing her coiling method and lighting the chiminea.

  3:00pm @ PotClub Studio  

Come by PotClub for an hour-long demo of our Exquisite Corpse Pots by 3 of our resident artists (Courtney Hassman, Sierra Estes, Michelle Heinesen). Each artist will begin, embellish, and complete 3 pots- resulting in 3 collaborative artworks in clay in their respective styles.

Click on a Studio link to see sample work by the artists and read their Artist Statement

Third Coast Clay 

Lotus Bermudez | Angela Corson | Holly Glatzel | Jessica Gutierrez | Lee Hudman | Stacy Kuropata | Allyn Martinez | Kiersten Rucker | Melissa Symmonds

 Bennett Fine Art Studio

Tanna Bennett | Betsy Evans | Karen Fiscus | Maria Hernandez | JoAnne Sblendorio-Levy

 Yu Cha Pak’s Studio

Yu Cha Pak | Carol Berger | Maura Ferrero-Baroni | Renee Lieber | Jessica Phillips

 Tracye Wear Studio

Tracye Wear | Karen Cruce | Kathleen Hamlet

Damon Thomas Art Studio

Damon Thomas | Jeff Forster | Reema Forster | Yvonne Gerych


Mary Aldrich | Pilar Arango | Maria Raquel Morales | Lilly Lerner | Vivian Pastor | Mara Cavalcanti Reid | Anne Steacy | Jo Ann Williams | Jill Whitten

PotClub Studio

Michelle Heinesen | Jes Dougherty | Sierra Estes  | Courtney Hassmann | Jessica Kreutter | Alison Miller | Tiffany A. Nesbit | Emily Rensink | Anna Reyter


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Houston, TX 77266

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