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Emerging: Jihye Han

Artist Statement

Throughout cultural experiences in various countries, I have always questioned my identity and felt a sense of separation. The feeling of separation isolates space and imply distance physically, but separation can have different meanings such as physical connection. I explore tangible and intangible relationships within liminality spaces using elements both physical and emotional. I ask myself about my subjectivity “What determines and who controls the line between internal and external or proper and improper? Where do I belong with intersectional identities? Liminality of spaces are created as a way to blur the lines from stereotypes that lies underneath the surface. I envision these obstacles; addressing of my subjectivity, cultural heritage and immigrant’s life, as invisible boundaries that represent my identity, my history and my culture in the boundaries of interior and exterior space while aiming to balance tradition and modernity. My work seeks to create abstract narratives based on identity, childhood memory, heritage and visual language. In addition, it can be reconciliation between tradition and contemporary art in which reflects on technology and the act of thinking about environmental, cultural and political issues. My works intentions are to transfer my identity and personal experiences into tangible shapes of the body as well as develop immersive environments utilizing clay and mixed media.  The sculptural aspects respond to what I see as invisible boundaries developed from a social dialogue. My works hope to illustrate physical properties of time-based and interactive media. My practice strives to encourage people to embrace cultural diversity and reduce prejudice against racism. My research is an excavation of both my memories and experiences of cultural and social boundaries which I use to explore notions of “home” and “homeland”. My sense of home has always been fluid and changing I hope to communicate to viewers to consider the home is not defined by a static space, but rather by the fleeting experience of place and the memory of past times.


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