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Pilar Arango

What clay body do you use?

"I mainly use cone 6 porcelain and stoneware. "

Primary forming method?

" I use the wheel and hand building."

Primary firing temperature?

"Cone 6"

Favorite surface treatment?


Favorite Tools?

"I like using mud tools such as the rib and sgraffito tools. "

Describe your studio environment.

"I split my studio time between my home and Nosami Studio. At home I have a small studio with my wheel, a slab roller, and a kiln. Last year, I joined Nosami Studio in the Heights. I love sharing a space and working among other ceramists."

How/Where do you market and sell your artwork?

" I have sold my pieces at local events and have also sold pieces directly to people familiar with my work."

What sparks your creativity? What drives you to work with clay?

"My life experiences and memories of the places I have lived have inspired many of my pieces and shaped my creativity. I enjoy working with clay. It is a medium with many possibilities and after many years of working with clay I am continuously reminded of the material’s diversity and multiple ways one can apply it. Having such characteristics I think clay allows me to be creative and explore new opportunities each time I begin a new piece."              

Did you come to ceramics from a different career? Tell us about your journey to a ceramics career.

      " I graduated with a BFA and a concentration in print making. When I moved to the United States in 2001 I took ceramics courses at Tulane University. Here in Houston I have also taken courses at Glassell School of Art."

      How have you have taken your experience as a well-established maker in the field and passed that knowledge along to your other artists?

      " In Bogota I had opportunities to teach and worked with children and adults. I hope to be able to teach one day here in Houston as well."

        What’s the best advice you’ve been given by a fellow maker, mentor, or teacher?

          The best advice I have been given is to enjoy the process, to be patient and not become frustrated."

          Website URL and other social media platforms:

           Instagram: @pilar.arango.jacobsen


          Pilar Arango immigrated to the United States from Colombia by way of New Orleans and then Houston. In Bogota she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from La Universidad de Los Andes and specialized in printmaking. In New Orleans she took ceramics courses at Tulane University and fell in love with pottery and its possibilities. Most of the time Pilar works with the wheel and sometimes mixes hand building. For decoration techniques she enjoys working with sgraffito, underglaze slips, and has  begun using print making techniques. Most of the time she makes and mixes her own slips and glazes. She also works with porcelain and stoneware at cone 6. Pilar has been working in ceramics for over 20 years, and looks forward to continuing to work, learn and create through this wonderful medium.


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