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Master Workshop by International Artist

Alberto Bustos
Valladolid, Spain

Member of International Academy of Ceramics

Bustos has always had great concerns in the artistic fields. He started painting, but little by little he was captivated by the need to abandon the flat format and move to modeling. Basically self-taught, with attendance to courses, talks with fellow workers, but most important in the work of Alberto Bustos, and we know well those who follow his processes, are the endless tests he performs without despair to achieve impossible forms with ceramics.

Once he discovered this magical and infinite terrain, he has continued to be trapped in it. It gets you involved with its multiple techniques, materials and the uncertainty generated by the opening of the oven, mixture of emotion and tension. Pottery constantly challenges me, keeps my imagination alive . "

It started by making a more traditional ceramic, mainly decorative. Custom work such as trophies, murals, etc ... But there comes a time, in Alberto's words, "in which you have to evolve or you stay stuck . " One of the vital pillars in the ceramic sculptures of Bustos is nature, its greatest source of inspiration. Humans, in one way or another, we constantly degrade, and he set out to observe, transform and transmit what she can feel. From there was born "natuRareza". A series of limited series sculptures, and also unique piece, with which you want to draw attention to what is happening. He is called to be a kind of interlocutor, to transmit his fears, restlessness, desires ...

He has worked realism, and does not rule out doing it again, but he fills it with more interpreting his creations from other perspectives. He urges the need to make people who watch their work think, reflect, vibrate, like or dislike, but have some kind of reaction . "I think the worst thing that can happen to any artist is that his work goes unnoticed, does not transmit ..."

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