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The Call is Open for Installation Based Exhibit "Push" at Alta Arts - Date extended to July 8!

ClayHouston, in partnership with The Alta Arts, is excited to announce “Push”, an exhibition highlighting the expansive relationship between clay and the artists who manipulate it. Clay has the ability to anthropomorphize by capturing the indexical mark of its maker; each and every touch of the maker is captured and communicated through the materiality of clay. "Push" will showcase the reflexive qualities between material and maker, how both dictate the terms of one another, pushing artists to question their own limitations and forcing them to pursue alternative means of building and firing. The communication between maker and material has ultimately brought together a community of artists through the sharing of information. "Push" presents that community at its furthest extents--each work represents a manner in which the material and maker have pushed their own limitations beyond the boundaries determined by assumption and tradition.

This exhibition will be installation based, and will give participants the opportunity to showcase large-scale works in non-traditional means of presentation. The focus of each installation must be clay, any mixed media or other material must be secondary. All works submitted must be wall-based, suspended throughout the gallery, or installed on the floor. Any surface can be used, it is encouraged to consider and present multiple orientations of your work, as each work can interact with more than one area within the space at a time. There are no size limitations, but please be as accurate as possible when giving the dimensions of your piece. Only works within the last 2 years will be accepted. Each work will be reviewed and accepted based on availability within the space, and the assistance required for the completion of each applicant’s installation (ie. hardware, ladders, hooks, or any support structure). For specific installation questions or concerns, please email the ClayHouston Exhibitions Coordinator, Jacob Villalobos at

This exhibition will be regional, encompassing the Houston area and its surrounding locations. Submissions are open to members and nonmembers alike. You may submit up to two individual installations per submission. Matt Manalo, Alief Art House operator and local Houston creative, will select and jury this exhibition. Awards will be announced at the opening reception. Alta Arts will be hosting this exhibition, located in the Gulfton area of Southwest Houston. Alta Arts is a 501c non-profit gallery dedicated to showcasing visual and performing arts in the Houston area. The exhibition dates will be July 22nd - September 3rd and a minimum of 8 artists will be chosen but may be up to 12. Submissions should be sent by Friday, July 8th, 2022 and selections from the juror will be announced on Monday, July 11th, 2022. All works will need to be installed prior to the exhibition opening on July 22nd, 2022 and removed from the gallery at the conclusion of the show on September 3rd, 2022. Specific installation and de-installation dates will be sent to participants as we approach mid-July. Applications will be accepted via Submittable.

We are very excited to bring this exhibition to life, and to work directly with all participants to realize their creations within this space. More information will be sent to participants at the closing of this call on July 8th, 2022.

Application Fee: $25 (one time, non-refundable)

First Prize: $150
Second Prize: $75
Third Prize: $50

Submit your entry

Call Open: June 1st
Call Closes: July 8th
Participants selected and Announced: July 11th
Artwork Drop-off/Installation: July 11th - 22nd
Exhibition opening: July 22nd
Exhibition close: September 3rd
Award winners announced at opening reception

Regional Showcase - Houston area and its surrounding counties
Floor to ceiling installation space - 3200 sq. ft.
Clay-based / Mixed Media

Installation Based

  • Wall works
  • Suspended
  • On the floor (In the Round)

Be as Specific as possible with your dimensions “How big is my installation’s footprint? How much space does my installation take up overall?”

All Surfaces Can Be Used (ie. Floors, walls, rafters)

  • Installations can interface/interact with multiple areas of the gallery at once
  • Consider Multiple/various orientations for your installation

No size limit
Works within the Last 2 years only
Come equipped with your own hardware (screws, hooks, string, wire, etc.) to installation

Non-fired works will be considered during submission reviews, but will require extensive communication with Alta Arts and the Exhibitions Coordinator if accepted

Download pictures or exhibit space - Alta 1, Alta 2, Alta 3, Alta Dimensions/Layout


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Houston, TX 77266

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