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Being technology savvy is essential to having a successful career. Whether it is just keeping abreast of the newest media app or establishing an economic presence on the internet your awareness of present day technologies is critical to your success.

Constant Contact

This website is marketing focused. A lot of free advice sources within the website but is not too detailed. They will want you as a customer to really benefit from their services. Still a wealth of information if willing to click throughout the site.  Blogs & Resources


This is the ultimate social media presence to date. As an artist, it is important to have a presence on this platform. Create your own page. Join multiple groups to establish yourself in the marketplace.Here is a list of ceramic groups: The Ceramic Collector, Ceramics World Wide, Ceramics Artists in World, Naked Clay, Pottery Heads, Tea Bowl collector, Critical Craft Forum, Ceramic Recipes, Ceramic Solutions.





Pinterest is a visual focused website featuring all sorts of products. 

Here is a link to setup a Pinterest Business Account.

Great Article from IndieMade "Marketing for Artist: Using Pinterest for Your Indie Business"

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