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Gleco Trap for sale.  Used but in good condition, $20. Cash only, must pick up Northwest Houston, no holds.

Ceramic Studio Space for rent - located at 619 East 11 1/2 St, 77008. There is 450 square feet of space in the shop, with another 200 hundred square feet of work space on the deck area outside of the building. The space is easily large enough for 2 or 3 people if folks are not producing production levels of work. I think there were 4 folks sharing the space at one point.

Equipment: 1 potters wheel, though there may be 2 if i get the second working before I leave.

                    1 extruder with complete die set

                    1 32 inch slab roller (northstar)

                    2 electric kilns (both Skutts. One computer controlled, one manual)

                    Shelves, work table, wedging table

                    Bats, plaster molds, misc tools

                    2 100lb propane tanks that may be used to fire a reduction kiln if someone wants to build one, or move one onto the kiln pad            

                    Several metal garbage cans for post firing reduction (Raku)

Rent is $600 per month plus the electricity (I believe the average on this has been about 70/month depending of course on how much firing the folks using the space were doing.

Access is 24 hours per day 7 days per week.  It is free standing building.  Parking is either our driveway or on the street directly in front of our house.  The neighborhood is very quiet and safe.


832-727-5715 - Craig Clark (until 7/28),

832-888-8389 - wife, Ruth Kravetz. Details of renting, payment, etc will all be done with Ruth

Gas Kiln for Sale - A usable kiln with round metal siding with a triangular tear about a man’s hand down from the top of his little finger to the bottom of the thumb. (I’ll send a photo in the next email.)

All I want is for a licensed Plumber to come out and remove it. The the kiln is then yours to make wonderful pots. I fired to Cone 5 which is what the person I bought it from had fired to. 

I’m moving as soon as I clear all of these memories away! 713-774-2759,

Raku Kiln For Sale - $1350.  Spring loaded lift—easy to use.  Includes castors that allow it to move around easily.  Regulator and hose included.  Comparable to Laguna LE-201-RST  or  Olympic 23 Raku.  Email me for more pictures or for video link.

Jud Greenwood
Located in Tomball, TX

2 Kilns for Sale

Two kilns $50. I bought them to make raku kilns. I've never tried to turn them on. Must pick up from 290 and Beltway 8 area.  If interested contact Lisa Kelley at

Contact ClayHouston at

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