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Kaye Nuzenski

I live in Friendswood, email:, Contact: 281 482 5504, phone or text.  

Kilns ---Low Fire, Multifunctional

 PARAGON Kiln Model TNFE14  Max Temp 2000F, Ramp  Hold, W-13”, D-13.5”, H-8.75”,     Side Door, currently Nema 6-30R can be changed back to 6-20R.  Kiln is 8 years old but never been fired.  I  plugged into power then unplugged and have never touched it again.  My TNFE14 is slightly different externally (in door position and base) but according to Paragon it is internally the same.  Has 12 foot cord and added door safety switch.   Paragon list price (plus tax & shipping) is $1659.00   $350.00 Sale Price (including Heavy Duty Dolly and some kiln furniture, pick up in Friendswood).    Specifications:   



SOLD DELPHI EZ-Pro Deluxe 15-6 Kiln  Jen-Ken/Orton Glass and Ceramic (2000F Max),  

Receptacle: 5-15R.     List Price: $1033.95 (Plus Tax & Shipping)  Sale Price  $225.00   Specifications request must specify Deluxe for Glass/Ceramic kiln (Delphi or on Amazon).


Miscellaneous Tools

SOLD Shimpo Banding Wheel #30M (11 ¾ x 4 ¾)   Sale Price: $25.00

The AirPen Studio by, SilkPaint    BigCeramics & SilkPaint have similar kits. Sale Price: $35.00

RAKUSelection of items supporting a RAKU firing (gloves, apron, tongs, and glazes)    Sale Price: 65.00

Inland Craft Glass Grinder I Wizard IV  Sale Price: $40.00

Lorton 3a Tumbler (4 ½”, Single Barrel, Includes media)  Sale Price: $35.00 

Have some tools that are used in building and glazing plus kiln furniture.

Glazes for Sale:

  • Five (16 oz) jars of Satin Speckle (Three unopened, two were opened to make a test tile)
  • Two (16 oz) jars of Texture Chrome (unopened, third jar is almost gone. Will also pass along test tile)

When I originally started using these glazes I had some craters, but I found it was due to inadequate kiln venting during the glaze firing. But, in the process of troubleshooting for my commission my customer picked a new color scheme. Therefore, I don’t need these glazes anymore. Would prefer to sell together. Cash or check made out to Midpointart (Lisa Kelley). Contact or 713-907-8726 (texts preferred).

Satin Speckle - Pint

Sp1123 Regular price: $12.00 Sale price: $10.20 My price: $5.10 each

Texture Chrome - Pint

Not for grades K-6

sp1152 Regular price: $16.00 Sale price: $13.60 My price: $6.80

Total: $39.10 for all 

SOLD: Complete 10x10 ProPanel Booth. Panels are dark grey and include 12 skirts. 4 pedestals , support bars and hanging hooks. 


Contact Ron Loyd for complete itemized list.

Contact Ron Loyd:

For Sale: Coyote Dry Glaze 25 lbs. Archie's Base, retails for $253.90. Sale Price $100

Never used.

Contact Ron Loyd:

For Sale: Coyote Dry Glaze 25 lbs. Red Gold, retails for $257.00. Sale Price $100

Never used.

Contact Ron Loyd:

For Sale: Kaolin 25 lbs. Retail $17.50, Sale price $8.00

For Sale: Frit 3124 10lbs. Retail $21.00, Sale price $10.00

Contact Ron Loyd:

Contact ClayHouston at

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