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Glazes for Sale:

  • Five (16 oz) jars of Satin Speckle (Three unopened, two were opened to make a test tile)
  • Two (16 oz) jars of Texture Chrome (unopened, third jar is almost gone. Will also pass along test tile)

When I originally started using these glazes I had some craters, but I found it was due to inadequate kiln venting during the glaze firing. But, in the process of troubleshooting for my commission my customer picked a new color scheme. Therefore, I don’t need these glazes anymore. Would prefer to sell together. Cash or check made out to Midpointart (Lisa Kelley). Contact or 713-907-8726 (texts preferred).

Satin Speckle - Pint

Sp1123 Regular price: $12.00 Sale price: $10.20 My price: $5.10 each

Texture Chrome - Pint

Not for grades K-6

sp1152 Regular price: $16.00 Sale price: $13.60 My price: $6.80

Total: $39.10 for all 

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