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One day Workshop. Suzanne Shield-Polk, Professor of Art, Lone Star College

  • 12 Nov 2016
  • Lone Star College - CyFair
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More information to come.
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Thank you for registering for the  Charcoal Infused Firing Workshop.

Below you will find all of the information you will need.  

If you have questions please contact Mary Aldrich at

Piece to be Fired

Each person may include one piece of bisque-ware in the firing. It needs to be 6” x 6” x 10” or smaller.

The best clays for this are Balcones Cone 10, light or dark  or Laguna Buff Cone 6. The clay must have grog.

ABSOLUTELY NO EARTHENWARE - The piece must be absolutely bone DRY !

Description of Workshop

9:30-10:00 am

The workshop will begin with kiln loading of dry bisque fired stoneware (cone 6 to cone 10 clay bodies) followed by lighting the kiln and starting the firing.  This is a Susan Peterson “Fast Fire Style” firing so the temperature is raised very quickly, hence work must be bisque fired and bone dry, and preferably containing some grog.

10:00 am-11:30 am

While raising the kiln temp, Suzanne will  increase the gas every 15-20 minutes.  During that time, we will view examples of work fired using charcoal infusion and work fired using other charcoal, reduction and wood fueled processes; we will discuss clay bodies and clay inclusions, additive materials, use of slips and other treatments. She will distribute some handouts.

11:30 Participants can take a lunch break.

12:00 -1:00

We should have a chance to view a PowerPoint slide show on charcoal firing. 

1:00 – 3:00

We will begin a series of charcoal infusions.  We will drink lots of water as this is the hot & dusty part.

3:30-4:30 pm

The kiln is allowed to rise to cone 7 or so and then shut down and allowed to cool. 

Participants will be able to return on Monday to pick up their work.

Location of Workshop and Parking 

Lone Star College - CyFair, 9191 Parker Cypress Road, Cypress, TX  (intersection of Barker Cypress and West Road)  Ceramics Studio is in the Center for the Arts Building, room Art 117

Parking - Use SP (South Parking Lot) off of West Road

Every one should bring plenty to drink, this process is hot and dusty.

Bring your lunch

Dress for a studio experience as this is messy 

Mary Aldrich    

Cell 281-686-0875 



PO Box 667401
Houston, TX 77266

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