Atelierhause Hilmsen Residency-Deadline Dec 15

  • 14 Jun 2020
  • 03 Jul 2020
  • Atelierhause, Hilmsen Germany
  • 10


  • Share room with another resident.

    $1300 - payment will be made directly to ClayHouston via Anne Steacy.
  • Room to yourself.

    $1500 - Payment will be made directly to ClayHouston via Anne Steacy.


Ten, or twelve ClayHouston folks have the opportunity of an exclusive 3-week workshop, June 14th thru July 3rd, 2020 in Hilmsen, Germany. This workshop is designed for experienced ceramicists interested in alternative firing, studying abroad, and who enjoy working with a flexible program. Included is a 3-day hands-on workshop given by Peter Klube ( klube) on alternative firings. Two weeks of studio time to devote totally to your art, Berlin museum tour (time permitting) and will conclude with an international pop-up exhibition at the Mönchskirche Gallery or Art House, Salzwedel, Germany.

DEADLINE to sign up is December 15, 2019

Terms: The Atelierhaus Hilmsen Residency fee will be paid Euros. The prices quoted in USD are based on the exchange rate of 1.10 USD = 1.00 Euro (this may vary as the exchange rate varies)
Single occupancy $1,500.00 USD ($500.00 per week)
Double occupancy $1,300.00 USD ($433.00 per week)
A deposit of 1/2 will be due upon registration, 1/4 end of February and balance April 1 2020. 

Cancellation: Atelierhaus Hilmsen Residency is a nonprofit and does not refund registration fees. If for some reason you need to cancel, it will be your responsibility to find a replacement.

Travel: You will need to arrange and pay for all travel to and from the train station in Salzwedel, Germany. The Residency will arrange transportation to Hilmsen. 

Food: All food and drink are purchased by the residents at Hilmsen and meals will be prepared in the communal kitchen by the residents. 

Please download the following files and return Release of Liability to or mail to ClayHouston, 4224 Riley St, Houston, TX  77005

Hilmsen restrictions.pdf letter of understanding.pdf Hilmsen release of Liability.pdf

Contact ClayHouston at

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