Local Ceramics Suppliers

The Ceramic Store Inc, Houston TX

Potters' Place, Stafford TX

Clay Stamps, Houston TX

Texas Ceramics Suppliers

Armadillo Clay, Austin TX
American Ceramic Supply, Fort Worth TX
RoadRunner Ceramics, San Antonio TX

National Ceramics Suppliers 

Aardvark Clay Supplies, Santa Ana CA
Amaco Ceramic Supplies, Indianapolis IN
Chinese Clayart, San Jose CA
Coyote Clay & Color, Albuquerque NM
Dogwood Ceramics, Gulfport MS
Georgies Ceramics, Portland OR
Highwater Clays, Asheville NC
Japan Pottery Tools, San Francisco CA
Kentucky Mudworks, Lexington KY
Laguna Clay, City of Industry CA
Mayco Colors, Hilliard OH
New Mexico Clay, Albuquerque, NM
Stone Mountain Clay, Tucker GA
Xiem Tools USA, Garden Grove CA

Contact ClayHouston at info@ClayHouston.org, OR ClayHouston, P.O. Box 667401, Houston, TX 77266             

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