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What clay body do you use?

    "In the number of years I have been working with clay the clay body has changed and depends on what I am making. Now I use Cinco Blanco and Cinco Rojo which is a mid range clay".


    Primary forming method?

    "I hand build using the coil method for my pots, and for my flowers I make every petal to sculp the flower form. The labor of love on each piece they are all different. I have grown to realize each piece is it own".

    Primary firing temperature?

    “Mid range firing which is cone 5-6. Cone 5 can get the Cinco Rojo a nice chocolate brown that I love. Very earthy and warm”.

    Favorite surface treatment?

    “Underglaze for many years but just recently I have been using a white matte glaze with gold leaf”.

    Favorite Tools?

    “My tools are just your basic ceramic tools. I don’t need much”.            

    Describe your studio environment.

    “My studio is my garage sometimes very much in place and neat and sometimes not. But it works well for me. I have a kiln and a slab roller that I mainly use to feed the cat on. I work mainly on my own but once a week I go to a ceramic friend's studio to work. This is very important that I do this. We work have lunch, laugh and work some more. We have fun at what we do. This brings me much enjoyment into my life. It’s a must do for me”. 

    How/Where do you market & sell your artwork?

    "I sell my work at The Silos on Sawyer Houston,Tx . Gallery #317".

    What sparks your creativity? What drives you to work with clay?

    “NATURE. I walk in gardens and look at flowers thinking if I can make that with clay how would that look how big or small shall I make it. then the creative methods kick in the process begins “.

    Did you come to pottery from a different career? Tell us about your journey to a ceramics career.

      “First I was a landscape designer for many years. When I left that is when I started to go to Glassell art school. Many great classes to explore. I was limited with time So I chose ceramic. My first love. And again if you do what you love you will never work. I am passionate about what I do with clay if I wasn’t I could not make a thing it just wouldn’t work for me . I truly believe this was place in my heart and I never let it go”. 

      How have you have taken your experience as a well-established maker in the field and passed that knowledge along to other artists?

      “I am not a teacher but willing to share what I think I know”.

      What’s the best advice you’ve been given by a fellow maker, mentor, or teacher?

        “1. Stop being so hard on yourself 2. Believe in yourself and 3. Don’t point out the negative parts of your work “.

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          Facebook: vivianpastorpottery

            artist statement: 

             I was born in Whittier California. I have always loved clay as a child but had to wait until High school to get my hands on some clay. I am sure if it wasn’t for art and P.E I may have not survived High school at all.
            Traveled some and ended up in Texas where I started to go to Glassell art school here in Houston. With the love of landscape and gardening handed down from my mother and art school, I learned you do what you love so it was natural for me to make flowers and or organic forms. Nature has a endless supply of inspiration to work from.   


            PO Box 667401
            Houston, TX 77266

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