Greg Reuter

Aluminum Casting Demonstrations

Sat. November 10th, 9am-4pm 

This workshop will demonstrate a low-tech and accessible method to cast small Styrofoam forms in aluminum with tools and supplies readily available to ceramicists. The artist will also demonstrate how he throws the ceramic forms he uses as bases for the metal forms. There will be two PowerPoint presentations reflecting the artist’s views on style and creativity.

Workshop Outline

The workshop will begin with a 20-minute PowerPoint presentation titled “How to Identify Your Style.” I will then throw some forms (with clay that I bring myself) demonstrating the technique I used to make the forms I’m bringing to the workshop. That should take about 1 to 1.5 hours. Then it will be a good time to break for lunch. After lunch I will show another 40-minute PowerPoint presentation titled “My Formula for Creativity.” Then I will demonstrate how to carve Styrofoam in preparation for casting. I will then Raku the clay forms (2 – 3) that I’m bringing. Then I will cast the Styrofoam forms in aluminum. Planning for participants to cast a small piece of aluminum.

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