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What clay body do you use?

" Armadillo white and red. Sometimes with grog and recently have begun using Cinco Rojo for larger sculptures."

Primary forming method?

"Coiled and slab built "

Primary firing temperature?

"Cone 04 bisque, cone 06 glaze."

Favorite surface treatment?

"Combining my interest in drawing and clay, I have developed a style of working on ceramics with underglaze, underglaze pencils and pastels. Another exploration in techniques involves wax, underglaze and an etching tool and reflects my interest in printmaking. On my most recent work I have abandoned glazes and am using the ancient form of casein paint on clay. "

The Artist Takes the Opportunity to Rid Herself of Rats

Favorite Tools?

"An old whistle tool that I have smoothed down to a nub and fingers are pretty good, too."

What is a whistle tool?

"Whistle" tool was made by my friend Bruce Vieau who whittled down a smooth flat end on a basic wooden tool. He used it to push into clay whistles that made the perfect hole to blow for sound. The end is so smooth and small now from 30 years of use. It is perfect to go in to make facial details. Something about the wood against clay. Doesn't hang up like metal tools. Plus the age has made it fit my hand.

Describe your studio environment.

"A 114 year old historic building on the square in Fayetteville. Sifted up with 30 years of work. Basically working on slab roller and about 3 feet on a very crowded work table."

Whistle tool

Tex-Mex Dinner Plate

A Potter's Dream

Nervous Water (work in progress)

What Would I Take if My House Caught on Fire

My Favorite Presidents series

How/Where do you market and sell your artwork?

"Red and White Gallery in Fayetteville. Favorite outdoor show is ClayFest in Gruene and a loyal collector base.  I try to enter as many juried shows within driving distance."

Ai Weiwei Takes a Nap

Fish Head-Sand Trout

What sparks your creativity? What drives you to work with clay?

"I seem to have developed a very active imagination.Just about anything can get my creative juices flowing: Books, exhibits, music, politics, and conversations with friends. I absolutely go nuts if I don’t go into the studio."

Did you come to ceramics from a different career? Tell us about your journey to a ceramics career.

    " Play Doh at age 5 and a ceramics degree from NTSU (North Texas State University)."

    Clown wants to be friends, Rabbit not so Sure

    Clown Cuts Down Trees, Rabbit Can't Stop Him

    How have you have taken your experience as a well-established maker in the field and passed that knowledge along to other artists?

      "I try to keep a schedule of teaching to young and old. I’ll share any information I have good or bad. Think it is important that I give back."

      Who Would I Get Out of Jail

      What if it Was You, What if it Was Me

      What’s the best advice you’ve been given by a fellow maker, mentor, or teacher?

        Gery Henderson told me to cut clay off the block long ways. I was having trouble with the clay from Armadillo especially making large tile. Cracking after glaze firings, warping and a number of reason to blame both parties, but one of the ways I got better tiles was to cut on the long side of 25 lb block. Seems the clay has a memory from the pug mill and effects how the slab sets." 

        Artist Disguised as Rabbit Tries to Stop War

        How did I get here

        People I would Invite to Dinner

        Will Work for Food

        Where did I come from

        Moby Dick as Told by the Artist

        Website URL and other social media platforms:



          Instagram: www.pat.johnson.artist


          Pat Johnson is known for her sometimes disturbing but humorous figurative sculpture and tile murals, which take cues from a grab bag of influences ranging from antiquity to popular culture.

          A clay artist for more than 40 years, Johnson lives and works in the small rural town of Fayetteville, Texas. She was commissioned to produce tile murals for the College Station Public Library, Monument Hill State Park in La Grange, and the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Austin, as a Texas Commission for the Arts artist-in-residence she taught and produced murals in Longview, Waco and Austin. Pat also does works on paper and has designed t-shirts for Lyle Lovett.

          Featured in many one person and group shows in Texas and surrounding states: including exhibits at the Art Car Museum, Longview Museum of Fine Art, McNay Art Museum and Galveston Art Center. She was selected to participate in The 35th Annual Contemporary Craft Exhibition at the Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum in Arizona and the 56th Annual Delta Exhibition at the Arkansas Art Center. Pat recently won “Best of Show” at the ClayHouston 2019 Regional Biennial Exhibition Timeless Clay: Future Artifacts juried by Jennifer Ling Datchuk.

          Pat’s work was included in several of the 2013 NCECA conference exhibitions in Houston and the Texas Craft 2014 Biennial at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. She has been accepted numerous times and placed 2nd in the Ceramic National Competition at the San Angelo Museum of Art. Her work is included in Lark Books publications, 500 Tiles and 500 Figures, Vol.2.


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            Houston, TX 77266

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