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I am a Houston, TX based multidisciplinary artist. My primary motivation in the visual arts, is to explore the depths of paradox, with themes of hope and despair, life and death, love and hate creating objects, which visualize the tension in nature. My recent sculptures focus on themes of femininity, race and vulnerability born out of the imperfections within all humanity.

I received my Bachelor of Science Degree in Art
Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a minor in Jewelry-Metalsmithing in 1980. I have over 10 years of experience teaching secondary high school art and am rated as a Master teacher in the public-school system. I spent three years in the business world as an Architectural Model Builder. With new passion and purpose, on May 2016, I completed a Masters of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture, with a concentration in ceramics. My art has been exhibited internationally and within Texas.
Mid-range electric Kiln, Raku, High fire gas stoneware.
Low fire clay, Mid-range clay and High fire stoneware.
Recipe glazes and commercial glazes.
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