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As we enter what some call the 6th great extinction, many creatures that roam this planet will become fossils. For every impressed relic, a niche will open for new life to grow and flourish. In the vein of Dougal Dixon’s book “After Man”, I invent plant-like forms that I imagine exists in the future. I design my organism with rigid yet sinuous structures that prop up, pierce or intertwine the organic form. I use this ‘ornamentation’ to emphasize mans tinkering of the natural world as well as elevate the form to something precious and significant.

Kelley Eggert took her sweet time getting the Art-Ball rolling. Although she was eternally creating objects, it was not until the ripe age of 24 that she ventured into a museum of fine art for the very first time. The new knowledge of an art world filled with history, stories and content piqued the interest of an aimless but dedicated object maker. It was not long after the museum visit that she was sitting in her first ceramics class and fell head over heals in love. Her roller coaster of a relationship with clay resulted in a bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Akron in Akron Ohio and a master of fine arts from the University of Florida in Gainesville Florida. Although they have their ups and downs and some minor indiscretions here and there, Kelley and clay have been together for 17 years.

Flora and Fauna have always been something of interest to Kelley. Living near the Cuyahoga Valley in Ohio she was able to meander through the forest and observe what she now perceives as a “soft and gentle” landscape. Intrigued by the interconnected relationships of all living things, her previous work addressed symbiosis and the mechanisms and instincts used to propagate and survive.

As a resident in Houston Texas, Kelley’s surroundings have become much more harsh and structural as steel buildings, concrete highways and treeless neighborhoods have replaced the wooded hills and undulating streams she used to stroll through. This change of scenery has introduced a “manmade” edge to her current work. Sharper elements weave through organic forms. Mans imposition on nature is ever present as she struggles with the inability to escape industry and activity in this bustling city she now calls home. In order to bring solace to a flower child at heart settling into city life, the new work offers up ideas of hope and growth through the use of seeds and sprouts.
B-Mix 5, China Paint, Luster, Mixed Media
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